If you would like your name and url listed, please email Artinjun the following information:

1/ your name (as you'd like it to appear on this site)

2/ relevant urls (you would like added)

3/ your email address (you'll be automatically added to the artinjunlist)

4/ an image in jpg, gif, tif format plus a short artist statement/bio (if you'd like to be considered as a 'featured artist')

If you would like your information amended (added to, edited or removed) please email Artinjun.

As Artinjun is an artist project without ongoing organizational support or funding, your patience with regards to turnaround time is greatly appreciated.


Membership Policy

There is currently no formal membership to Artinjun. If your name, homepage, website, online project and/or organisation's url has been linked it is respectfully in support of your vision, creativity, practice and contribution to the continued existence of Indigenous arts, culture and language worldwide.

Artinjun may at anytime feature an artist's or organisational website in the side panel on the members' pages provided an image has been supplied.

Artinjun also reserves the right to remove or deny any sites which are deemed to be offensive or non Indigenous arts/culture/language related.